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Date:30 july 2013
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Silica Rialto Board is useful system to evaluate a basic IEE802.15.4 network using JN5168 wireless module.
Rialto board has a single built-in USB dongle. Simply switching serial channel from terminal application to programming software, you can perform two alternate functions:
a - Evaluate network with simple serial monitor (using a PC terminal such as HyperTerminal)
b - Program Firmware into JN5168 module (using JN-SW-4007-Flash-Programmer v1.8.9)

If you want, you can use separate USB-TTL adapter connected with 6 pin strip on Rialto board. In this case, you can have two separate serial channel, first (USBdongle) for programming and second (6 pin strip) for Serial Monitor. See Serial channel details

Rialto board is also designed as a plugin for SerizII board. Rialto “ready to run” kit is specially designed for quick use and fast evaluate network functionallity. All you have to do is plug End-Node on SerizII board, plug Coordinator on PC USB port, start HyperTerminal and enjoy!!

With Rialto board you can evaluate the performance of new NXP SENS300/01 device. The SEN300/01 integrates one high-accuracy temperature sensor, four relative humidity sensors, six light sensors, a user-writable non-volatile memory and a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter. Rialto application reads out basic data from temperature, humidity and light sensors. For more information about this sensor, see at NXP official site NXP official site

Rialto board integrates a NTAG203F, NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant IC with 144 bytes user memory and field detection. This device is used on SerizII labs. See at official documentation page of NXP site NTAG203F

Firmware application was developed with JN-SW-4041-SDK-Toolchain-v.1.1 (Eclipse based).
You must also install JN-SW-4065-JN516x-JenNet-IP-SDK-v857 software library.
Firmware project is included in Rialto_Jennic.zip file.
Reference guide are included into Install.zip and are:
1) JN-UG-3064 - Software Developer’s Kit Installation and User Guide
2) JN-UG-3007 - JN51xx Flash Programmer User Guide

Install.zip also include JN-SW-4041-SDK-Toolchain-v.1.1.exe and JN-SW-4065-JN516x-JenNet-IP-SDK-v857.exe to install developement suite.

For JN5168 modules programming, you must install FlashGUI programmer from JN-SW-4007 (included in Install.zip). Please, note that JN-UG-3007 refers to Flash GUI programmer version 1.8.4, and JN-SW-4047 contains new release 1.8.9 of Flash GUI programmer. See release note document included in JN-SW-4047 package. The release 1.8.9 must be installed for JN516x modules programming.
Install.zip and Rialto_Jennic.zip files can be downloaded from Rialto section of Silica ArchiTech web page (registration needed)
Installing Jennic Developement Suite chapter will guide you through the basic steps of the installation procedure of Jennic Developement Suite

We suggest you to read first the Quick Start Guide to perform a correct Firmware setup.

Quick start guide

This guide explains how to use this application and provides an overview of on the structure of the project firmware

We also suggest you to see documentation JN516x Wireless Microcontrollers for any specific further detail.